a little bit about me...

my name is LAUREN, though some friends call me RENNY, actually really only one person CALLS ME THAT, but i think it's CUTE.

all pronouns work for me

gemini sun cancer moon cancer rising if that means anything to you

bad at guitar, piano, and stylophone soon

radiohead fanatic

horror fanatic, especially obsessed with the SAW movies

a pink blinkie that reads 'i heart toxic mold'

some interesting reads:

american imperialism
the u.s. empire is collapsing

animal welfare
house rabbit society misinformation (sorry to source a tumblr post lol but it's pretty good information)

masterlist of black revolutionary readings (various topics, ranging from gender and sexuality to marxism to feminism & more)
your kids aren't too young to talk about race

individual responsibility is essential to solving the climate crisis
the rail industry's role in climate change denial
the rhetoric of climate "awareness"
u.s. doj works with the oil industry to oppose climate lawsuits
wealthy countries outsource pollution to developing nations

criminal justice
incarceration in real numbers

misc social justice
the reductive seduction of other people's problems

decolonize palestine

global poverty is getting worse
a letter to steven pinker
the moral egregiousness of poverty is worse than ever before
the true extent of global hunger & poverty
the world profits from africa's wealth

transgender liberation
judith butler: "we need to rethink the category of woman"
leslie feinberg's site (has stone butch blues download link)
the transfeminist manifesto

americans are working so hard, it's killing people

everyone is beautiful and no one is horny
i'm broke and mostly friendless, and i've wasted my whole life (advice column piece)

oh god so many links. dropping them here gonna properly format and organize them later
+ alphabetize the links and categories later


https://12ft.io/ gets rid of paywalls on articles