jan 21 22 1.20 pm est


- god may not answer your prayers but i will! mercenary for hire, starting at $19.99 + tax, call 1-800-KILLMYWIFE for consultation


working more on this WEB SITE. hungry at the moment. itching to play guitar. i'm really bad at it and it's fun. i hope to start writing songs. check out my dragoncave dragons i added to the site! if you visit my profile there please don't be alarmed at the dead eggs. i tried getting back into dragcave a couple days ago, forgot about it, eggs were too prosperous and died, NOW i'm remembering to check it all the time. obsessively. constantly. i'm not as addicted to it as i am to flight rising though. LINK TO THAT TO THE RIGHT AS WELL.

hoooooooowwwww can you be suuure

wwhy do i always update this BLOG at ONE PM

in ONE WEEK and six hours forty minutes i will be watching the smile's second livestream...i think that's right. six hours forty minutes. please be patient with me.
dying trying to come up with fucking LYRICS to the instrumental nat wrote. it's so good. it deserves something dripping with sarcasm and angst to the point where it's just trying too hard to be witty and the mockery doesn't work anymore and it's just insufferable lyrics in a smug and nasaly tone of voice. actually it's good and it deserves something good but for some reason that's what my mind went to.


Adopt one today!

jan 15 22 1.47 pm est

good morning world...it's not morning but that feels better than saying "good afternoon, world." somehow. ALTHOUGH i said that for my last entry. hmmmm. i have neglected this site the past couple days but worked more on it yesterday, rearranged and un-privated my twitter account, linked it to the right. i think that's the right. just made the L's with my hands, i was correct, that's the right side.

i have no fucking clue how to format this site for mobile without fucking up the desktop layout. hmm.

Adopt one today!

jan 9 22 1.50 pm est

gooooood afternoon world

today i am going to chill and smile and have fun...will head to the post office if my schedule allows it and send my dear friend PASHA a gift :) pasha will likely make frequent appearances in these little entries (not her writing entries, but me bringing her up often cos she's really fucken cool and funny)

will continue setting up the site today. get more links on the sidebar, get my guestbook going, finish my about, add some cute little things, add hidden pages, add writing, etc...........
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